Inbound Investment Advisory

India attracts substantial foreign direct investments every year across sectors. Over the years, Foreign Investors have even been amenable to acquiring existing businesses in India rather than setting up greenfield projects. While making inbound investments, foreign companies are always anxious about understanding the business environment in India, the applicable laws and regulations, restrictions if any, in their ability to carry on the proposed business, overall taxation costs and areas of tax efficiency, compliances etc. in India.

We at Transaction Square, help foreign companies fine tune their investment strategies while making inbound investments. Our role encompasses:

  • understanding the business plan of the foreign investor,
  • identifying FDI restrictions if any (including seeking necessary approvals),
  • assisting in choosing the right location for business,
  • suggesting the appropriate capital mix (Equity, Debt etc.),
  • identifying the appropriate jurisdiction for entry into India from a tax and regulatory perspective,
  • identifying suitable corporate structure for carrying on business in India (company, LLP, Branch etc.),
  • potential profit and cash repatriation strategies,
  • choices of domestic fund raise, tax efficiencies through debt cost push down,
  • transaction structure advisory in case of an acquisition of an existing business (share deal Vs. Asset deal),
  • drafting / reviewing contracts with local joint venture partners, due diligence support, other business contracts,
  • overall tax cost and optimisation,
  • set up formalities,
  • ongoing tax and regulatory compliances etc.

We even provide solutions around employee payroll, social security structures, Employee Stock Option planning etc.

Inbound Outbound Framework
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