Outbound Advisory

Many Indian business houses have made in-roads into the international market over the last several years. As Indian companies plan their global investments and international growth strategies, various concerns arise in their minds with respect to business, tax and regulatory aspects – both from the perspective of India and from the perspective of the country that they plan to invest in. Given that overseas markets are untested waters, Indian companies typically adopt a cautious approach and attempt to limit the business risks.

Our experienced team helps Indian companies going overseas:

  • with their investment and acquisition strategies,
  • identify extent of investments (including guarantees) that can be made,
  • optimum structure options based on the regulations of the foreign country,
  • identify jurisdictions for setting up international holding company,
  • choices of instruments for investments (capital mix),
  • potential tax reduction and optimisation options under the local laws of overseas countries,
  • profit and cash repatriation strategies,
  • fund raise and exit strategies,
  • options for debt push down,
  • supply chain planning, global trading companies, intellectual property aspects,
  • transaction structure in case of acquisitions, due diligence support,
  • drafting / review of necessary contracts, set up formalities etc.

We have a network of partners in key overseas locations including US, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Africa, Australia etc. to work along with us to provide extensive support to our clients. At Transaction Square, we support our clients through the entire investment lifecycle.

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